My mom Karen & I live in Madison, Wisconsin. We have had many cats over the years. The one pictured to the left is Ninigi, our Maine Coon. They are the largest breed of the domestic cats & can get to be 20-30 pounds. After years of frustration due to the limited selection of litter boxes available, we decided to create an Extra Large & Tall Cat Litter Box that works great for multiple cat & large breed cat households. The Kat Kave is a true Jumbo Cat Litter Box.

It has been 4 years since our project began & we are now selling a beautifully designed & quality made Giant Cat Litter Box. Many of our customers have called it a “piece of furniture” it is so heavy-duty & sturdy.

The large size is great for eliminating litter scatter outside the box. Our design also eliminates the middle seam that all other covered litter boxes have that trap urine which then crystallizes resulting in those strong, unpleasant ammonia odors. 

Ninigi, as well as our 3 other cats LOVE their Jumbo cat litter box.  They also like to take cat naps in the one upstairs that we keep a fluffy blanket in, we call it their Kitty Condo. And our 5 toy breed dogs love to cuddle up in theirs that they use as a Cozy Dog Den.

Hello, my name is Kim. Here is a bit about how Kattails Kat Kave came to be...
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