This Giant Cat Litter Box is just perfect for multiple cat & large breed cat households.  If you have a Maine Coon, Savannah, Bengal you already know that all litter boxes available on the market today are just too small for them to move or turn around in. The cat hardly has enough space to do what he went in there to do. Our Jumbo Cat Litter Box will solve your problems.

My mom & I have had large cats over the years & have quickly grown frustrated with the lack of options in litter boxes available for our big cats. If you are tired of litter scatter, hard to clean litter boxes with a middle seam that traps urine, & those tiny, flimsy, cheap plastic boxes the Kat Kave is for you.

On the next pages I’ll tell you a bit more about us & this covered litter box we designed. We think you & your cats will absolutely love it!
The Kattails Kat Kave Litter Box is an Extra Large Cat Litter Box that is big enough for large cats, it’s easy to clean, has no middle seam and eliminates that messy litter scatter. The cost of the Kat Kave is $150.00 and shipping & handling within the US Mainland and Hawaii is $45.00. Made in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.